Hi there! My name's Sunder.

I'm a student who's interested in: tinkering with tech and computers 💻, music 🎵, and games 🎮 :)

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Featured Projects

A graph of an n-body simulation, with the stars coloured according to their INDICATE index.

Cluster Tool

A script for analysing clusters in n-body simulations.


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🎮 Asteroids

A little asteroids game made in Game Maker.

Projects I've contributed to

Sonic Pi

Sonic Pi is a live coding and educational tool, created by Sam Aaron, that allows you to use Ruby to create music!
You can check it out at https://sonic-pi.net.
GitHub: https://github.com/sonic-pi-net/sonic-pi.

My main contributions include:

  • Contributed to the build system (focusing on Linux). PR #2207

  • Add an option to change the UI language. PR #2604

See all of my commits

Events I've participated in

HackSheffield 7 (2022)

Me and two other people created a banking & budgeting website to help students to manage their money. It shows recent transactions, personal account details ans a breakdown chart of your spending by category. I worked on the Python back-end helping with interfacing with the Capital One API. I also helped to make the personal details appear on the website, as well as make a somewhat functional email form. I also tested SMS messaging using Twilio and wanted to create spending and budget alerts, but we ran out of time to implement this.

This was the first in-person hackathon I had attended. I learned that rapidly collaborating as a group on a programming project is difficult without a set plan, having to leave for a chunk of time isn't ideal, and that you should set goals that are achievable during the hackathon.

For more details see the Devpost submission.

GitHub Field Day UK 2022

I attended GitHub Field Day 2022 in London. We discussed topics around building and maintaining a healthy community & planning and running hackathons. As someone who hasn't organised hackathons before, it was very interesting to learn about. During the event I met a bunch of great people from many places in real life. As my first in-person hacker community event, it was a great experience.

MLH Global Hack Week INIT 2023

Description to be completed

MLH Global Hack Week Share 2022

I made a morse code encoder/decoder for one of the challenges. It even converts unicode characters (using an ascii representation of the character code).


To initialise the new season, I made a website to predict the next MLH mascot. It had the right options to produce pretty much the right answer! (The lists of names, animals and computer jargon were taken from Wikipedia.)

GMTK Game Jam 2021

For the theme "joined together", I created a simple snowman building game called "Do you want to build a snowman?" (great name I know). The main concept is to roll snowballs and join them together to create snowmen. You can only add a snowball that's smaller than the top snowball of the snowman and snowballs get larger as you roll them over snow (like in real life!).

I was trying to incorporate these mechanics into a puzzle game where you had to account for the size of each snowball to try to assemble the snowman in the correct order. I unfortunately ran out of time before being able to design a first level or implement any sounds or ui, but I'm happy to have got a working prototype.

If I'm bored and have time someday, I might try finishing a first level and see if it's any fun. :P

You can play the prototype online and view the submission on the game's itch.io page.

MLH Local Hack Day Share 2021

Description to be completed

MLH Local Hack Day Build 2021

Description to be completed

NotUniversity Hacks (2020)

I made a prototype of a community hub website where people could find local news, annoucements, resources and support. See the Devpost submission for more information.

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