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Hi there!

Welcome to my website!

About me :)

Hi! My name's Sunder.
I'm a student who's interested in: tinkering with tech and computers 💻, music 🎵, and games 🎮 :)

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🎮 Asteroids

A little asteroids game made in Game Maker.

latest version 16w46a

last updated 14 Nov 2016

Projects I've contributed to

Sonic Pi

Sonic Pi is a live coding and educational tool, created by Sam Aaron, that allows you to use Ruby to create music!
You can check it out at

My main contributions include:

  • Contributed to the build system (focusing on Linux). PR #2207

  • Add an option to change the UI language. PR #2604

See all of my commits

Events I've participated in

  • Local Hack Day: Build & Share 2021
  • GMTK Game Jam 2021

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